Roadmaster RM872(EM)


The RM872(EM) is the newest addition to the Roadmaster line of fuel-efficient SmartWay verified tires.  This premium long haul trailer tire has been extensively tested to deliver exceptional performance along with excellent fuel efficiency.


  • Wide outside shoulder ribs
  • Micro-sipes on groove edges
  • Stone ejector ribs

Roadmaster RM272

All Position / Spread Axle Trailer

The RM272 is an all-position/trailer tire featuring a premium, high-scrub tread compound that provides improved treadwear and solid, long-lasting protection against cutting and chipping in spread axle trailer applications. It is also well suited for straight trucks and recreational vehicles where stopping and starting occur frequently. The stone ejector ribs in the grooves help preserve the casing for retreading and the rounded shoulder design help minimize the effect of high lateral forces on the tire.


  • Premium high-scrub tread compound
  • Rounded shoulder profile
  • Stone ejector ribs in tread grooves
  • Multi-purpose size design

Roadmaster RM120

Long Haul Trailer All-Position

The RM120 is a long haul trailer tire that has an optimized tread depth and its high tensile strength four-belt package combine to provide the retreadability and even treadwear that your fleet requires.


  • Micro sipes on groove edges
  • Stone ejectors
  • Multipurpose size
  • Optimized tread depths