Roadmaster® RM234 EM

All-Position/Regional Haul

The RM234 is a premium regional all-position tire for high scrub applications with deep tread grooves and a premium tread compound providing excellent treadwear and cut and chip resistance.


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  • Deep tread depth
  • Premium high scrub tread compound
  • Four full-width steel belts
  • Stone ejectors
  • Curb bar

Roadmaster® RM258 WD

Regional - Drive

The RM258 WD™ is an open shoulder regional drive tire, designed for superior performance in severe winter conditions.  Full depth 3D siping, chevron grooves, and shoulder notches provide the traction needed for enhanced performance in adverse weather conditions.  The severe weather rated, Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified tire also includes a high tensile four-belt construction and stone ejectors to provide the durability that fleets require.

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  • 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake Certified
  • Full depth 3D siping
  • Stone Ejectors
  • Chevron Grooves
  • Optimized Shoulder Design

Roadmaster® RM254

Regional Pick-up and Delivery Drive

The RM254 is a regional traction tire. Whether on a beverage truck or delivery truck, this tire will provide the traction and treadwear required for frequent stopping and accelerating. The premium tread compound and high-tensile strength four-belt package combine to provide the retreadability, treadwear and traction to meet your fleet's expectations.


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  • Aggressive traction tread pattern
  • Robust tie-bars
  • Stone protector ledge
  • Curb bar with sidewall depth indicator

M+S Rated